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When it comes to shredding technology, UNTHA is the quality leader in all the markets they serve. UNTHA clearly differentiates themselves from their competitors through the extraordinarily high reliability of their products and services, which enables them to generate economic benefits for their customers. UNTHA shredding solutions also helps save valuable raw material resources, promote material reuse and recycling, and facilitate profitable energy from waste recovery. They are therefore making a valuable contribution to sustainable environmental protection.

Industrial Shredding Machines for any type of Material

  • Metals

  • Hazardous Waste Drums

  • Battery Shredding

  • Electronic Scrap

  • Ragger Wire

  • HDD & SSD Drives

  • Product Destruction

  • Paper & Cardboard

  • Wood Waste

  • Plastics

  • Waste RDF/SRF

  • Medical Waste

  • Organic Waste 

  • Document Destruction

  • Currency Destruction

True for more than 40 years, UNTHA is the most reliable brand in shredding technology. 

This promise will continue long into the future – UNTHA will not abandon their customers and they make no compromises with respect to reliability.


UNTHA customers worldwide remain loyal to the UNTHA brand and recommend them to others. with more than

9,000 shredders in daily operation today!  For UNTHA, reliable customer support is a key priority, right from the word go.


With UNTHA Lifetime Support, they are taking our idea of customer support one step further. All UNTHA customers may now count on uncompromising support and assistance throughout the lifetime of their machine, making sure that

UNTHA machines do exactly what they are meant to do – shred reliably.


The usual rule is: Once UNTHA, always UNTHA.

RS150 4 Shaft Metal Shredder with Discharge Conveyor

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