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Scrap Metal Testing


When it comes to briquetting your scrap, tests sometimes need to be performed.  In some extreme cases with long turnings or large balls of stringers, testing

of the material might have done to determine if the scrap needs to be

shredded prior to being briquetted.  In any case, RUF and Untha both

provide free testing of material not including any freight charges, to

determine the proper system for your needs.




aluminum-briquettes (2).jpg

Chip Conveyor Repair / Refurbishment


Automation Engineering can Replace most Any Brand of your present belt with a Jorgensen Conveyors Hinged Steel Belt. 


There are pitches, widths and bottom plate styles to fit all needs.


All makes and models of Machine Tool Chip conveyors from drag out, hinged steel belt, pusher or screw type, are serviced through our shop in Torrington, CT. We have the expertise to put your chip handling equipment back to nearly original factory condition at a substantial

cost savings and with a shorter delivery time of a new conveyor.


Typical repairs consist of replacing sections of the conveyor casing that are worn or damaged, and includes replacing roller tracking for chain or belting. Component parts and guarding for the drive, chain or belting are replaced with factory components or re-manufactured parts.


The refurbishing process begins with cleaning, disassembly, inspecting the components for damage and wear, and a detailed, firm quotation for your review. Once approved, the rebuild process begins. Upon completion the conveyor is then painted to your specifications if

required, and tested under power.



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