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The RUF Metal Briquetting Systems Advantage
  • Reduces Scrap Volume up to 20:1

  • Up to 5000 lbs. per hour of Metal Briquettes

  • Reclaim Expensive Cutting Fluids

  • 40 Years Experience

  • More than 4000 Machines Worldwide

  • Runs Operator Free

  • Increase Melting Yield/Higher Chip Valve

  • Reduction of Handling and Transportation Costs

  • No Special Foundation Necessary

  • Compact Construction/Small Footprint

  • Engineered for Automatic, 24 Hour Operation w/low H.P.

  • Low Wear

  • Low Installation Costs

  • In Most Cases, ROI in 18 Months or Less

  • Systems for Sludge/Swarf

RUF Manufactures many models of Sludge Briquetters that can process various types of Sludge/Swarf and can produce up to 1000 lbs. per hour of briquettes recovering up to 97% of expensive cutting fluids in the process.  Making a salable product while reducing your waste disposal costs.

The RUF Briquetting Process

Standard RUF System

Complete systems including cart dumpers, in-feed conveyors, shredders can also be supplied.  Systems also available for wood, paper and other organic material.

Free Material Testing

Send us your Scrap Material and we'll send you back Briquettes and a Test Report

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Turning Waste Products into Useable and Profitable Briquettes

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