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Regardless of whether your metal waste comes from the metal-processing industry, automotive industry, electronics industry, waste industry, or from commercial production, UNTHA will always offer you the right shredding system for recycling your valuable resources. 


Metals are important raw materials for industry and can be recycled over and over. Recycling metals saves valuable raw materials and energy as opposed to processing new material from ore. 

Twin Shaft Industrial Shredders


Power [kW]: 7,5 | (12 hp)
Cutting chamber width [mm]:

430 | (17 in)

Power [kW]: 88 | (140/177 hp)
Cutting chamber width [mm]:

1.378 | (54 in)


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Four-Shaft Industrial Shedders


Power [kW]: 11 - 44 | (up to 60 hp)
Cutting chamber width [mm]:

450/750/1000 | (18/30/39 in)

Power [kW]: 44 - 150 | (up to 180 hp)
Cutting chamber width [mm]:

1.500 | (up to 59 in)


Power [kW]: 180 - 312 | (up to 420 hp)
Cutting chamber width [mm]:

1.500 | (59 in)


UNTHA rugged shear shredders have been proven over decades of reliably shredding not only light metals such as aluminum, magnesium, Al-Mg alloys, copper, or nickel, but also harder metals such as iron, zirconium, titanium, and sheet steel.

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