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Waste Wood

Waste wood is a precious resource that is available in large volumes and may be used either for material recycling or energy production, depending on the quality grade.


The rising cost of waste material disposal and a growing consciousness for the environment also contribute to the increasing importance of waste wood recycling. The term “waste wood” includes all woods and wood-based materials that have come to the end of their product lifespan and are thus considered waste.

Untha offers customers innovative, highly economical single-step shredding concepts for the recovery of your waste wood, upon request also with metal separation. Units are available as stationary or mobile versions. Low operating costs, extremely low fines and foreign object protection paired with high performance are the key factors in the success of UNTHA waste wood shredders. Minimized dust and noise levels benefit your employees, your neighbors – and ultimately also the environment!

During the recovery process, the waste wood is shredded and separated from foreign matter such as metal parts. The resulting wood chips are either recycled or utilized for energy production, depending on their classification grade. Recycled waste wood is often used as raw material for the production of chipboard or other wood-based materials.  In case of thermal utilization, the wood chips are used as high-grade fuel in biomass or thermal power stations. Untha offers reliable shredders with a throughput of up to 40 t/h for waste wood recovery. 

Untha units are suitable for a wide range of applications.  

Power [kW]: 37   (up to 60 (hp)
Cutting chamber width [mm]:

1000/1400 | 39 -55 (in)

Power [kW]: 113 - 264 | (up to 360 hp)
Cutting chamber width [mm]:

2.960 | (116 in)

Power [kW]: 65 - 264 | (up to 360 hp)
Cutting chamber width [mm]:

1.960/2.960 | (77/116 in)

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