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Deburring Machines & Tooling

Completely Automated.  

The Sugino Barriquan™ Robotic Deburring Machine is an automated cell which features dual Barriquan high-speed spindles on an end-of-arm KUKA robot, designed to replace manual deburring in your factory.

In addition to the 6-axis robot, there is a rotary positioning table to give full 7-axis capabilities for deburring the most complex of parts.


The Barriquan Robot Deburring Cell also features the KUKA smartPA™ controller, stainless steel constructed framework, Lexan windows, a sliding front door assembly with safety switches, a removable chip tray, and forklift pockets for easy transport.

Barriquan Robotic Deburring Machine.png

The "Barriquan" is a tool holder with a built-in floating mechanism. It keeps tools at a constant pressure against workpieces to allow profiling. Downforce pressure can

be easily adjusted to meet burr requirements.

Barriquan® Self-Compensating Deburring Tools

Model#    Diameter   Length    Weight       Load Adjustment                 Max RPM

BC10-20      1.25"          4.72"     .84 lbs.   Incremental 16 Stage Dial         5000 rpm

BC10-10      0.98"          3.94"     .31 lbs.      Exchangeable Spring              8000 rpm

BCT10-10    0.98"          4.33"     .40 lbs.      Exchangeable Spring              8000 rpm





Whether you have challenging parts to wash, burrs to remove or both, Sugino Jet Center Cleaners or JCC Systems are engineered to provide you with precision, high-pressure deburring and washing. Highly accurate (0.08 mm), repeatable (CNC) results without a

heat-affected zone (HAZ).

JCC™ U-Jet CNC Turret-Type Submerged Part Washing Machine


Horn Nozzle™ for Submerged Washing


Sugino's original Horn Nozzle™ design creates cavitation bubbles

for high performance submerged washing. This CNC machine efficiently

and effectively removes debris from complex features within a part by

the synergistic effect between the7 MPa (1,000 PSI) high-pressure jet

and cavitation.


Best Suited for Complex-Shaped Work pieces

Submerged washing is critical for internal passages of a work-piece. The synergistic effect of high-pressure jets and cavitation completely removes residual chips from hard-to-reach places within a part.

Target Washing with High Accuracy

CNC control enables positioning precision of 0.08 mm, delivering highly accurate and efficient washing.

Both Submerged and Open-Air Washing Available

This model is capable of both submerged and open-air washing. The optimum method can be selected according to each work-piece structure.

Flexible, JCC™ CNC Turret Type High-Pressure Water Deburring and Cleaning Machines

JCC-102 WIDE.png

This CNC turret type cleaning and deburring machine is capable of jetting high pressure water of 50MPa (MAX) from a CNC positioned nozzle to the cross holes, deep holes and tap holes to effectively remove chips and

burrs. SLIM and WIDE machines are available

depending on the installation space and

workpiece size.

Precision Washing


Varied Options

CNC control enables positioning precision of 0.08 mm, delivering highly accurate and efficient washing.

We offer a wide range of options for tooling, filtration, automation, and nozzles to optimize the washing and deburring process.

Removal of Chips and Burrs

This machine is capable of jetting high-pressure water up to 50 MPa from a nozzle positioned by CNC for removing chips and burrs from crossholes, deep holes, and tapped holes.

Fully Compatible with Automatic Transfer

This is a cell type washing machine suitable for gantry load, conveyor, and robot transfer.

Open-air washing only targets the specific areas of the part where the water stream is focused.  However, submerged washing will clean the entire part both internally and externally.

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