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Mechanical Tapping Units

  • Faster Production.

  • Feeds are automatically changed from rapid approach lo pitch feed to reverse feed on retract. This speed cycle greatly increases production capacity. 

  • Capable of class 3 thread accuracy

  • Feed rate is synchronized with tool rotation allowing thin or soft materials to be worked efficiently.

  • Flexibility to meet your specifications

  • Easy adjustment for tap diameter, thread pitch and stroke length.

  • Compact, versatile set-up

  • Compact size allows installation in small spaces and operation at any angle. 

  • Long stroke, a variety of attachments

  • Simple changeover from single tip head to multi- tap heads allows flexibility for use in either small lot or large production runs.


  • 1/2 HP to 3 HP Depending on Model

  • Quick Change of Pitch Feed Gears

  • No Lead Screw Change Out

  • Rapid Approach and Retract

  • Light and Compact Designs

  • Pitch Feed Ranges 13 TPI ro 113 TPI

High Speed Servo Tapping Units


  • AC Variable Speed Servo Spindle Motor

  • 1/2 HP to 3.6 HP Depending on Model

  • Programmable Controller Included

  • Repeatable Depth Accuracy +/-.001”(+/-.03 mm)

  • Digital Input for Stroke and RPM

  • 4000 RPM Maximum Tapping Speed

  • Easy Feed Gear Change Out for Specific Feed Pitches

  • Second Reference Point for High Efficiency

  • Class 3 Thread Accuracy

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