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Spindles/Milling Heads

Setco engineers and manufactures the most reliable machine tool spindles in the industry. Setco will recommend a spindle to fit your application. If their standard line of spindles do not fit your needs, their application engineers will custom design a spindle for optimal machining capabilities. 

Setco is the premier manufacturer of standard and custom

milling / drilling spindles for CNC Machining Centers. Including direct drive, belt driven, motorized. All spindles are available in cartridge or foot mounted block housings. All spindles may be custom engineered to fit your specific machining center needs

Belt Driven Spindles

Sentry, Prometrix and 4,000 Series: Standard belt driven spindles for drilling, boring and milling in cartridge and block style housings. Available in a variety of tool noses.

Motorized Spindles

Setco offers standard lines of precision motorized spindles for CNC machine applications, which include grinding, milling, turning and special machine applications. 

Milling Heads

Built for precision and accuracy, Setco offers standard lines of single and multiple axis milling heads.  They are offered in a large variety of manual and automatic models including fork, orthogonal, and 90 degree configurations. 

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