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Hypneumat offers special machines for many drilling and/or tapping applications. These machines can be configured to meet your specific needs.

Special Machinery Gallery


Automatic High Speed

Tapping Machine

Hypneumat recently built this slant bed tapping machine equipped with a LS36E Lead Screw tapper and Vibra-Flight vibratory bowl and part feeding magazine.  This machine will tap a 1/4-28 thread with unattended operation.  Full electrical and pneumatic controls,

quick change floating tool holder and coolant

pump were included.

THE CHALLENGE: The client needed a multiple spindle drilling machine to drill twenty (20) 1-1/4" holes in a 24" HDPE inlet pipe and also capable to drill their current 12" (15" OD), 15" (18" OD), 24" (29 1/2" OD) and possibly 36" inlets in the future. Reliability and longevity was a paramount concern.


THE DELIVERY: Hypneumat designed and built a machine with a DQ56E series feed unit powered by a high efficiency on demand hydraulic power package and 7.5HP spindle motor. This drilling unit drives a custom 20 spindle adjustable heavy duty multi-head, drilling twenty (20) 1-1/4” holes in high-density polyethylene inlet tubes.

The fixture is setup to rotate the part for drilling perimeter holes in inlet tubes and is designed to incorporate inlet diameters ranging from 12” to 48”.


This machine is also capable of a wide range of rapid advance and retract speeds as well as variable drill feed rates. The drilling unit

and multi-head are mounted to framework that can be raised or lowered to accommodate different inlet sizes.

20 Spindle Drilling Machine

20 Spindle Drilling Machine.jpg
Hypneumat Lead-Screw Tapping Machine.jpg

Hypneumat Lead-Screw Tapping Machine

Shown is a Hypneumat Lead-Screw Tapping Machine with a Commander 8 Spindle 4-15 Series Multi-head. This multiple spindle head is powered by a LS46E Lead Screw Tapping unit,

is fully guarded, includes coolant pump, head raising

mechanism, floating tool holders, with controls and is

ready for customer’s part fixtures.

12 Station Dial Index Chamfering Machine with auto part ejection

Shown is a 12 Station Dial Index Chamfering Machine built by Hypneumat, Inc.  This machine chamfers 6 holes on 2 parts at one time and automatically ejects completed parts into a bin after each cycle.  This 6 spindle Commander 500 Series multi head is powered by a Hypneumat DQ46EHB auto feed unit.  Machine output capability exceeds 1,000 parts per hour.

Hypneumat Chamfering Machine.jpg
  • STROKE LENGTHS – 6” to 18” standard, consult factory on custom requirements

  • DRILL/TAP CAPACITY – up to .75” in steel, standard depending on application - (optional formats for up to 2” in steel)

  • MOTORS – 230/460/3-phase, standard, consult factory for custom requirements

  • SPINDLE SPEEDS – as required via belt drive

  • NO PROBLEM TOOLING – Spindle configurations for standard or special tooling

  • FLEXIBLE – machine can consist of any series and model depending standard applications.  Options include multi-spindle heads, rotary tables, multiple columns and vertical or horizontal configurations of units.

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