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Rotary Dial Table Index Drives

The Cyclo-Index DT Series mechanical index drives are designed for dial

plate indexing and many other intermittent motion applications

      STANDARD 3400/4800 DT FEATURES

  • 1/3 or 1 HP, 90V DC motor. 

  • Worm drive reducer with various ratios. DC motor

    controller, variable speed, dynamic braking.

  • Cam and limit switch for cycle-on-demand.

  • DT4800 Handles up to 11000 in-lbs. of torque

  • Center through-hole (3400/1.75”) & (4800/2.25”) for

    power/signal apparatus.

  • Universal mounting capability.

  • Machined Dial Plates available thru Inter-Lakes

    Bases, Inc.


  • Servo - driven mechanical dial table allows unlimited motion options.

  • The dial is supported by precision cross-contact radial bearings

  • Mechanism employs a high-precision, double-enveloping worm gear.

  • Internal ratios range from 5:1 to 60:1, torque rated up to 10,000 in-lb.

  • Available in zero backlash configuration; very low backlash is standard.

  • Cast - iron housing and quality components create a durable, reliable unit.

  • Mounting flanges available for a variety of servomotor manufacturers.

  • Custom flanges can be designed for a specific motor, gear reducer, etc.

  • Machined Dial Plates available thru Inter-Lakes Bases, Inc.

  • Low-profile rotary dial indexer with the flexibility of the Patented Cyclo-Index Cam-Driven Mechanism.

  • Variety of standard motions

  • 1-stop through 12-stop available including a true 2-stop model.

  • Cyclo-Index can also provide special motions to meet specific design requirements.

  • With its dynamic braking and variable speed controller, this package offers complete timing and control versatility.

The Cyclo-Index 4000 Series Index Drive Package

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