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Parallel-Shaft Indexers

Cyclo-Index offers the most complete line of parallel-shaft index drives in the industry. Their cost-effective, reliable, high-quality indexers come in standard units or can be custom-made to fit your needs.

  • Standard indexers range from miniature 0800 Series to 6400 Series.

  • Standard models provide 180-1, 90-1/2, and 90-1/4 indexing.

  • Feature a basic two-component indexing system with input and output elements.

  • Basic, Compound, multiple-motion, tandem, and alternating drives available.

  • Compound index drives combine mechanisms in a compound housing to deliver the speed and timing you need for your operation.

  • Design allows for universal mounting

  • Units can be operated with the shafts in a horizontal, vertical, or inclined positions.

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