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 ER Clamping System

ER Tool Holders - ER Collets - ER Nuts

Key Advantages

ER Tool Holder System -1.png

The widest ER product range clamps all diameters from 0.2 mm – 36 mm.

ER Tool Holder System - 2.png

Safe and accurate toolholding of all shank types and materials.

ER Tool Holder System - 3.png

Outstanding flexibility for use with all tool types.

ER Tool Holder System - 4.png

High vibration-dampening  results in longer tool life and  best surface finish.

ER Collet Holders

ER Tool Holder List.png

ER Clamping Collet Types


ER Clamping Nuts

ER Clamping Nuts.png

The ER colletholder, clamping collet and clamping nut together make the ER System a solid option for traditional machining applications.

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