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Sugino Boasts the Largest Number of Precision Air Feed Electro-Pneumatic Selfeeder Drill Units on the

Market Today.


  • Rapid Advance

  • Power ranging from ¼ HP up to 7-1/2 HP

  • Spindle Speeds ranging from 330 to 12000 RPM. 

  • Accurate to .0004” TIR and better with a depth repeatability to .0008”. 

  • Sugino Selfeeders have a patented no-drift spindle design with internal guide bar providing precision alignment

  • Coolant thru spindle capability

  • Body mount or foot mount design

  • Various motor mounting positions providing a variety of mounting options.


Global Series Drilling Units



High Speed Servo Drilling Units


Varimec & Mechatric

  • AC Variable Speed Servo Spindle Motor

  • Programmable Controller Included

  • 20000 RPM Maximum Spindle Speed            

  • Spindle Ball Screw with Linear Guides

  • Light and Compact Designs

  • Long Stroke Units

  • Deep Hole Drilling Units

  • Large Diameter Drilling Units

  • Coolant thru Spindle Capability (Mechatric)


Pneumatic Drilling Units

Pneumatic Series-Air feed and rotation with built in governor designed to maintain consistent drilling speed



For drill sizes up to 3/8 in. diameter when drilling steel. The speed range covered by this series is from 300 rpm to 4,300 rpm.

This series of Selfeeders is suitable for drill sizes rang ing up to 17/64 in. diameter when drilling steel. The various models in this series cover a speed range from 700 rpm to 17,000 rpm.

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