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Hypneumat - Automatic Self-Feeding Drilling Units

  • OPERATION - units can be configured as pneumatic, hydraulic or servo controlled,

  • STROKE LENGTHS - 2" to 18" depending on model

  • DRILLING CAPACITY - up to 1" plus in steel depending on model

  • SPINDLE SPEEDS - up to 14,000 RPM depending on model

  • MOTOR MOUNT/BELT GUARD - a single, lightweight, aluminum casting serves the dual role of belt guard and motor mount for NEMA 42C, 56C, 142TC, 145TC or 182 motor frames.  Design permits rotating the belt guard at any attitude around the unit

  • OTHER FEATUURES - hydra-brake control, stroke control, coolant thru and numerous spindle options 

Customized Drilling Solutions

Hypneumat has manufactured an integral 3 spindle drill unit with ER16 quick change tool holders and a 2 HP motor. 16 of these automatic drill units will be set-up inline on a gantry system to drill 48 holes in a row.

Hypneumat's 200 series quad drilling units are 4 independently controlled spindles integrated into one solid body construction. These straight bore spindles are on 3" centers.

Three Spindle Drilling Unit.jpg
Quad Hypneumat Drilling Units.jpg
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