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Chamfering, counterboring and back spotfacing play a vital role in the aerospace, aviation, automotive and transportation industries. The slightest imperfection can cause unnecessary aerodynamic drag and have various negative consequences.

Erix Tool AB has been making precision chamfering tools for 40 years, with a proven track record of excellent performance on a wide range of materials.

Compact and efficient, the Erix chamfering tool is the ideal solution for chamfering in confined spaces, such as those found on engines, turbines and pumps.

In addition to vast savings in terms of efficiency and productivity, as well as the obvious environmental benefits, automating the chamfering process ensures 100% consistency between the critical dimensions, and significantly reduces the risk of mechanical failure or human error.

  • Inch and Metric Sizes

  • Chamfering Degrees:  30, 45 & 60

  • Front and Back Chamfering

  • Thru Hole Sizes - .188" - 2.688"

  • Facing Diameters from .323" - 4.094"

  • Coolant Thru Spindle

  • Semi-standard and Special Spindles up to Thru Hole Size of 8.000"

  • Special Chamfering Degrees available down to a minimum of 15 degrees

  • Special Shanks

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